Getting Records Translated from English to Italian

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  Once you have all of your records collected, you are ready to start getting them translated into Italian.  Congratulations on making it this far! Before you get started on the translation process double-check to make sure all necessary corrections are done.  It’s also a good idea to check your consulate’s website to verify which records need to be translated and

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Summary of Naturalization Record Requirements

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I wrote a detailed article on naturalization requirements here.  That article turned out to be longer than originally anticipated, as a result, I wanted to write a Cliff notes version of it for those just wanting a summary.  To get tips and tricks and additional information, please refer to the original article. 1. Your Italian-born ascendant’s naturalization certificate.  If you

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Getting Records Apostilled

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  You’ve collected all of the required certified vital records, now how do you get Italy to recognize them as certified?  Fortunately for us, Italy was a signatory of the Hague Convention (AKA “Hague Treaty”) as was the U.S.   In a nutshell, this agreement specifies that a competent authority (as designated in the Hague Convention) can certify the authenticity of a document by

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10 Steps for Obtaining Italian Citizenship

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Starting from the beginning, here are the basic steps required for claiming your Italian Citizenship: 1. Preliminary investigation and confirmation of eligibility. Depending on how far back in your ancestry you have to go, this could be as simple as asking a living relative if the basic criteria were met.   If you are going farther back, chances are you’ll need

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Making Corrections to Records

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One of the requirements of the Italian consulate is that all names, places and dates must match across all records.  Some consulates are more particular and require the records match exactly while others aren’t as concerned about minor discrepancies such as dates that are a few days off, first names and even minor misspellings in the last names.  For example, the San

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Requesting Records from Italy

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Requesting records such as birth certificates from Italy is a pretty straight forward process if you know the name of the commune where the event took place.  It is first important to understand how geographic areas are organized in Italy.  Italy has regions, provinces and communes.  Regions are akin to states in the U.S., provinces are similar to counties or

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