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Getting Records Apostilled

ItalianGal/ Apostille/ 7 comments

  You’ve collected all of the required certified vital records, now how do you get Italy to recognize them as certified?  Fortunately for us, Italy was a signatory of the Hague Convention (AKA “Hague Treaty”) as was the U.S.   In a nutshell, this agreement specifies that a competent authority (as designated in the Hague Convention) can certify the authenticity of a document by

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10 Steps for Obtaining Italian Citizenship

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Starting from the beginning, here are the basic steps required for claiming your Italian Citizenship: 1. Preliminary investigation and confirmation of eligibility. Depending on how far back in your ancestry you have to go, this could be as simple as asking a living relative if the basic criteria were met.   If you are going farther back, chances are you’ll need

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