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In order to claim Italian citizenship, there are certain records the Italian consulate requires you provide them to prove your lineage.  Note: the Italian consulate will keep all of these documents.

Below is the list of documents and vital records you will need to present to the Italian consulate.   Remember, any relatives born before 1948 could only transmit citizenship through their male ancestors as described in this earlier post.  Start with your most recent Italian born relative and go down the list.  For example, if you are claiming Italian citizenship through your grandfather who was born in Italy, ignore the great grandparent section and skip down to the grandparent section on down.

For the purposes of this list, the Italian relative is the person in your lineage you will be using to claim your Italian citizenship.  To find out more about the steps required for Italian citizenship, including an overview of the Apostille, go here.  Note: certified vital records must be long form and include the city of birth and not just the county.

Italian great grandparent

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate

Great grandparent spouse

  • Birth certificate

Italian grandparent

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate

Grandparent spouse

  • Birth certificate (photocopy)

Italian parent

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate

Parent spouse

  • Birth certificate


  • Birth certificate (certified, apostilled, Italian translation)
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable) (certified, apostilled, Italian translation)
  • Marriage application (only required if your marriage certificate is missing information such as your date and place of birth) (certified, apostilled, Italian translation)
  • Divorce decree of all previous marriages (if applicable)  (certified, apostilled, Italian translation) (In the case of a previous divorce, you must also include a “certificate of no appeal”)
  • Death record of spouse if widowed
Your spouse (if applicable)
  • Birth certificate
Your minor children (under the age of 18)
  • Birth certificate(s) (certified, apostilled, Italian translation)
  • Adult children over 18 will need to apply for Italian citizenship themselves
*Note: some consulates also require a death certificate for your Italian lineage ancestors as applicable.   All consulates require your records and those of your minor children be apostilled and translated; however, the requirements for apostilles and translations for the other records vary by consulates with some not requiring them, many requiring them for just the Italian lineage side and a few requiring them for all records including those of the spouses.
In addition, you’ll need to present a certified copy of your Italian born ancestor’s naturalization records.  This post contains additional information on obtaining naturalization records.
Make sure to check the posted requirements of your specific consulate regularly and, in particular, before you begin another major phase such as getting translations and apostilles.  They will periodically update requirements.  I didn’t do this at first and ended up getting apostilles I didn’t need after my consulate updated the requirements for the Italian ancestor’s records.  Fortunately I checked before sending them off for translation which saved quite a bit of time and expense.


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  4. Hi. I am going to attempt to dispute the 1948 law in order gain dual citizenship. Perhaps.

    In order to do this, I will need to prove my great grandfather did not naturalize or that my great grandmother was not naturalized along with him.

    The census record marked that he was naturalized in 1896, however the only record I can find with his name that is not obviously someone else, has “minor – age 12”. I assume it is him and a mistake in age was made, because he would have actually been 30 yrs old at that time, though there is no birth or immigration date on the record to verify this for sure. In light of the sloppy record keeping, I doubt the USCIS will certify that it was him, but then I would have to show the census record that states he was naturalized. Maybe he lied to them, lol who knows.

    Do you think that the Italian court would count that record? They were married in Italy, then he came here 10 years ahead of her. Did my great grandmother automatically naturalize when he did (if he did), even though she was still in Italy when this would have taken place?

    Thanks 🙂

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